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“Poisoned Leaves” is the first book in the Green Witch Series.

Find herself. Find the killer. Stay under the radar. All in time for tea.

Rhianne, a green witch and half-elf, finds herself thrust into the heart of a murder investigation. She teams up with a captivating tech mage and other quirky characters. Her task: solve the case, keep her powers hidden, and then return to being a regular halfling. Piece of cake, right?

“Poisoned Leaves” features a strong female protagonist set against the backdrop of an urban and magical world.

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Green witch Rhianne Alkenn has her hands full with not one, but two puzzling cases. A leak of confidential information threatens the Moonshadow pack, putting her best friend, incubus Nel, in a tight spot! And the elven Queen’s best friend has been murdered. Rhianne’s hoping to solve the murder and quickly, because the phrase ‘Off with her head’ is playing on repeat in her mind!

Her mission? Clear Nel’s name and keep her head firmly on her shoulders. Sounds simple enough, right? What could possibly go wrong?

If you enjoy books by Helen Harper, Heather G. Harris and Kim Harrison, then you’ll love this riveting urban fantasy story with a touch of humour and romance.

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Seven days

That’s all the time Rhianne Alkenn has to crack the case of Albert Johnson’s murder, protégé of Vampire Master Lord Bellmont – Yep, of the crimson, terrifying eyes.

Seven days until Lord Bellmont collects the blood debt from Rhianne’s mother. Rhianne might not be her mother’s biggest fan, but she isn’t about to let her become vampire thrall of the year.

Albert was either a charming golden boy or a crazed psychopath, depending on whom you asked. Enemies? Take a ticket.

Will Rhianne find the murderer in time to prevent her mother from becoming a permanent guest in the vampire’s den?

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Green witch Rhianne Alkenn is trading city lights for country nights.

Well, more like a hinterland mystery — she’s teaming up with Grandpa to untangle a thorny situation: a murder within the dryad community and a vanished teen.

Add to that the sparky tension between Isobel, the pathologist with secrets, and Nel, Rhianne’s incubus best friend. Their dynamic is about to explode, revealing truths that might just be too hot for Nel to handle.

Oh, and murderous trees? It’s a thing.

Welcome to the countryside — where the scenery is breathtaking and the mysteries deadly.

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